Journal History

The History of To Ra Law Review

As a high institution, Universitas Kristen Indonesia Faculty of Law is a scientific society with daily activities that not only provide teaching but also conducted both Normative Research and Empirical Research with a result produced under a law review. This referred media is utilized as an instrument for delivering thought and opinion on law subject, Universitas Kristen Indonesia issues to-ra given by permanent lecturers of the Universitas Kristen Indonesia Faculty of Law, the phrase to-ra came from Hebrew which exegetically means Law or Statute. The reason why this name is chosen is due to the fact that society lives and is regulated by a law formulated as statutes. In this matter, Law shall be understood as a statute for a purpose of regulating and protecting societies.

The to-ra Law Review was firstly issued in Universitas Kristen Indonesia in April 2015 where legal thoughts were qualified as the results of normative and empirical research and discoveries that do not only consist of lecturer needs in developing their teachings but also to transform Universitas Kristen Indonesia Law Students in order to have adequate knowledge in understanding jurisprudence and conducting research based on validated references.

In its issuance, to-ra Law Review has p-issn (2442_8019) and e-issn (2620) and is periodically issued in April, August, and December each year. To-ra writers not only consist of Universitas Kristen Indonesia Lecturers but also consist of students and law experts outside Universitas Kristen Indonesia Faculty of Law. From its issuance in 2015 until now in 2022, To-ra law review has been utilized as a reference and place to express opinions and thoughts on law subjects.